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Cap Head Woodscrews

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This page list our new socket cap head woodscrews available in three gauges sizes and various lengths

It's been a long wait but No 4 sizes are finally available again!

Socket woodscrews enable positive non-slip driving into pilot drilled hard wood bearers and nylon engine mounts etc. They make an excellent replacements to standard pozi and slot head woodscrews.

Driving tools and suitable washers are also listed on this page.

All prices include 20% VAT  Click here for details

Socket Cap Head Woodscrews

Steel - zinc plated finish (BZP) or Black    Stainless steel - Self colour (S/C)
Finish & material Dia over thread Suggested pilot drill
dia *
Length Socket A/F size** MF Ref Pack
Pack price

You can enter/change the number of items on the order form

(gauge)   (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)        
No 2 BZP
2.2 1.2 9.5 MF-CHW295 10 £1.50

50 £6.75

  Sorry - this item is currently unavailbale      
No 2 BZP
2.2 1.2 16 MF-CHW216Z 10 £1.80

50 £8.10

No 4 Black
2.9 1.5 9.5 MF-CHW495B 10 £1.50

50 £6.75

  Sorry - this item is currently unavailable  
No 4 Black
2.9 1.5 12.5 MF-CHW412B 10 £1.50

50 £6.75

No 4 Black
2.9 1.5 19 MF-CHW419B 10 £1.75

50 £7.85

No 6 Black
3.6 2.0 12.5 MF-CHW612B 5 £1.90

25 £8.55

    Sorry - this item is currently unavailable    
No 6 BZP
3.6 2.0 19 MF-CHW619Z 5 £1.50

25 £6.75

No 6 Black
3.6 2.0 19 MF-CHW619B 5 £1.90

25 £8.55


* Pilot hole diameters are given as a guide only and will depend upon the material you are screwing to. We strongly recommend you test on a scrap piece before committing to drilling final holes.

** Socket A/F size is the dimension across opposite side of the hexagon socket (A/F = 'across flats') and relates to the allen key size that is used to tighten the screws. We offer a range of allen keys (please scroll down this page) and hex ball drivers, including those needed for these screws, on our tools page. You can also click on the socket size symbols in the table to go direct to the tools page.

If you need to use washers with these screws, we recommend the use of the following:

No 2 size - use M2.5 washers
No 4 size - use M3 washers

No 6 size - use M3.5 washers


Flat Washers
for use with our socket wood screws
Steel - zinc plated

Size MF Ref Pack Qty Pack Price

You can alter the number of packs on the order page.

M2.5 MF-FW025 20 £0.40

100 £1.80

M3 MF-FW03 20 £0.40

100 £1.80

M3.5 MF-FW35 20 £0.50

100 £2.25

To see our full range of washers, please click here


Tools suitable for driving our socket head woodscrews:

  Single Hexagon Keys 

Hardened steel 'L' form wrenches - black finish

A/F dim

 Length (mm)

Pack Qty

MF Ref

Price   You can enter/change the number of items on the order form
(nom key size)
2.0 50 1 MF-HK-20 £0.50

2.4 50 1 MF-HK-24 £0.60

2.8 56 1 MF-HK-28 £0.60


 Metric Hexagon Ball-Drivers

 Bondhus high quality tools for fast off-centre driving of
Metric grub and cap screws

A/F dim



MF Ref

Price You can enter/change the number of items on the order form
inches (mm) length (mm) Length (mm) Each 
2.0mm 70
(std length)
55 MF-BD-20 £2.75

3/32" (2.4mm) 70 62 MF-BD-66 £2.75

7/64" (2.8mm) 75 62 MF-BD-68 £2.75

Tee Handle Hex Drivers
Bondhus high quality tee handle hexagon drivers
Soft feel handles with steel core
A/F dim



MF Ref

Price You can enter/change the number of items on the order form
inches (mm) length (mm) Length (mm) Each 
2.0mm 135 80 MF-TH-20 £4.95

3/32" (2.4mm) 140 80 MF-TH-332 £4.95

7/64" (2.8mm) 160 80 MF-TH-764 £4.95

For a full list of our allen key, hex-ball and Tee handled driver range, please click here to go to our tools page.

This page was last modified on : September 30, 2020


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