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Threaded Inserts

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This page lists our range of metric threaded inserts

Available with or without flanges, the inserts are driven into wood with a hexagon allen key or hexagon driver. They then provide a hard female thread which can be used many times without fear of stripping.

They are manufactured from zinc alloy for lightness and are zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
Please note that plating may be 'yellow' as pictured, or silver colour.

One of the great advantage is that these inserts can be driven in from the 'screw side' of a fixture, i.e. from the front of a model aircraft firewall or undercarriage plate, which makes them great where hand access inside is very tight.

 Available with metric threads M4, M5, M6 and now M8.

Flanged versions have a countersunk form on the head such that they can be tightened flush to the surface of the the wood.

Unflanged inserts can be driven deep below the surface if required.

Recommended drill sizes are stated below but vary with the hardness and texture of the material. If in doubt try on a scrap piece first.

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Threaded Inserts

With Flanges

Internal  Length  Hole size Hex Key  Pack  Pack  MF Ref You can enter/change the number of items on the order form
Thread (mm) (mm) Size (mm) Qty Price
M4 10 5.5-6.0 4 5 1.00 MF-TNF-04/5

20 3.50 MF-TNF-04/20

100 15.00 MF-TNF-04/100

M5 10 7.5-8.0 5 5 1.00 MF-TNF-05/5

20 3.50 MF-TNF-05/20

100 15.00 MF-TNF-05/100

M5 13 7.5-8.0 5 5 1.00 MF-TNF-05/5L

20 3.50 MF-TNF-05/20L

100 15.00 MF-TNF-05/100L

M6 10 8.5-9.0 6 5 1.00 MF-TNF-06/5

20 3.50 MF-TNF-06/20

100 15.00 MF-TNF-06/100

M6 13 8.5-9.0 6 5 1.00 MF-TNF-06/5L

20 3.50 MF-TNF-06/20L

100 15.00 MF-TNF-06/100L

M8 13 10.0-12.0 8 5 1.20 MF-TNF-08/5L

20 4.20 MF-TNF-08/20L

100 18.00 MF-TNF-08/100L


Threaded Inserts

Without Flanges

Internal  Length  Hole size Hex Key  Pack  Pack  MF Ref You can enter/change the number of items on the order form
Thread (mm) (mm) Size (mm) Qty Price
M4 10 5.5-6.0 4 5 1.00 MF-TN-04/5

20 3.50 MF-TN-04/20

100 15.00 MF-TN-04/100

M5 13 7.5-8.0 5 5 1.00 MF-TN-05/5

20 3.50 MF-TN-05/20

100 15.00 MF-TN-05/100

M6 13 8.5-9.0 6 5 1.00 MF-TN-06/5

20 3.50 MF-TN-06/20

100 15.00 MF-TN-06/100

M8 13 10.0-12.0 8 5 1.20 MF-TN-08/5L

20 4.20 MF-TN-08/20L

100 18.00 MF-TN-08/100L


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