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Engine Bearings

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Model fixings supply replacement engine bearings to the whole spectrum of the hobby from club sport flyers to F3A champions.
 The bearings we supply to all of our customers have the same thing in common - top quality at the right price. 

Because we buy direct from industrial suppliers, we can offer engine bearing replacements at prices far below the normal 'model shop' prices. All the bearings we supply are the highest quality units and in many cases are superior to the original engine bearings. 

Virtually all model engines use a front and rear deep groove ball bearing with varying dimensions and seal or shield arrangements. A bearing seal appears usually as a black strip between the outer and inner race (see bottom lef in the above picture). A shield is metallic and will usually appear a silver colour (as top left above). Where no seals or shield is present, the ball race cage can be seen (as top centre above).

In some case you may find that the bearing data pages indicate that the bearing is fitted with 1 or 2 seals or shields but the original bearing in your engine is not. In order to offer the best possible prices, we buy the most economical variant of each unit. In some cases this may be a bearing fitted with seals or shields. Seals and shields are easily removed with a small jewellers type screwdriver however we are happy to remove them before dispatch if you prefer. Please let us know when you order if you prefer us to do this.

Please use the links below to go to your engine manufacturer where your engine model should be listed. If you can't find your engine, then try our complete bearings list to find it by dimensions.


There are some models for which we may not have full details. In this case, please use the 'Bearing Enquiries' page to send us details and we will almost certainly be able to find you a replacement. We give a 10% discount on the bearing price when you have given us information which adds to our bearings data lists.

We can also supply bearings for other engine applications such as car/buggy, boat engines etc. Please use the bearing enquiries page to submit details.

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We also stock Pacer engine After Run treatment to maximise your engine bearing life. Please see our Adhesives page.

This page was last modified on : February 24, 2021

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