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Drill Bits

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This page lists our range of quality drill bits.

The range is specifically designed to cover the tapping drill sizes and clearance hole sizes for the range of taps list. The use of the correct drill size is crucial to successful tapping and tap life and some of the sizes below are difficult to obtain on the high street.

The tap drill sizes quoted as standard ('Std') are the tap manufacturers recommended size for full thread engagement. For many hobby and non-critical applications, a larger size tap drill can be used to give less thread engagement but reduced the risk of tap breakage - this may be preferable when tapping the smaller size threads, particularly if you are new to thread tapping. These drills are listed as Increased clearance ('Inc Clearance') and will result in approximately 65% thread engagement

Please note that though we try to keep the data below up to date, lengths of drill bits occasionally vary. If the length is critical, please e mail us for confirmation.

 If the size you need isn't listed please e mail us with your requirements.

For more details of tap diameters and other thread data, click here

We also stock sets of Pin Vices for use with our drill bit range.
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New Product Range - Quick Release Drills

We now stock a full range of Trend-SnappyTM quick release drills and ancillary items.
Transforms your drill or powered screwdriver into a quick change drill system.

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 HSS Drill Bits
Dia (mm) Length (mm) Usage MF Ref Price Each  
0.5 34 Pilot drill MF-DB-005 £2.46

1.0 34 Pilot drill MF-DB-010 £1.74

1.05 34 Tap drill for 12BA MF-DB-105 £3.06

1.1 34 Pilot drill MF-DB-011 £1.80

1.2 38 Pilot drill MF-DB-012 £1.80

1.3 38 Pilot drill MF-DB-013 £1.74

1.4 38 Tap drill for 10BA MF-DB-014 £1.56

1.5 40 Pilot drill MF-DB-015 £1.32

1.6 43 Std Tap drill for M2 MF-DB-016 £1.32

1.7 46 Inc Clearance Tap drill for M2 MF-DB-017 £1.56

1.8 46 Std Tap drill for 8BA MF-DB-018 £1.50

Std Tap drill for 2UNC
2.0 49 Clearance drill for M1.6 and 10BA MF-DB-020 £1.20

2.05 49 Std Tap Drill for M2.5 MF-DB-205 £1.62

2.1 49 Close clearance for M2 MF-DB-021 £1.44

2.2 49 Inc Clearance Tap drill for M2.5 MF-DB-022 £1.44

2.3 49 Std Tap Drill for 6BA MF-DB-023 £1.44

 Std Tap Drill for No 4 UNC
2.4 49 Std Tap Drill for No 4 UNF MF-DB-024 £1.44

2.5 57 Clearance drill for M2 & 8BA MF-DB-025 £1.20

Std Tap Drill for M3
2.55 57 Std Tap Drill for No 1/8" BSW MF-DB-255 £1.44

2.6 57 Close clearance for M2.5 MF-DB-026 £1.44

2.65 57 Inc Clearance Tap drill for M3 MF-DB-265 £2.22

Std Tap Drill for No 5 UNC
Std Tap Drill for No 5 BA
2.8 61 Std Tap Drill for No 6 UNC MF-DB-028 £1.44

2.9 61 Std Tap Drill for M3.5 MF-DB-029 £1.26

3.0 61 Clearance drill for M2.5 MF-DB-030 £1.20

Std Tap Drill for 4BA
Std Tap Drill for 6UNF
3.2 61 Std Tap Drill for 5/32" BSW MF-DB-032 £1.20

3.3 65 Clearance drill for 6BA MF-DB-033 £1.32

Std Tap Drill for M4
3.4 65 Std Tap Drill for 3BA MF-DB-034 £1.62

3.5 70 Clearance drill for M3.0 MF-DB-035 £1.32

Inc Clearance Tap Drill for M4
Std Tap drill for 8 UNF & 8UNC
3.7 70 Std Tap Drill for 3/16" BSW MF-DB-037 £1.44

3.8 70   MF-DB-038 £1.74

3.9 70 Std Tap Drill for No 10 UNC MF-DB-039 £1.74

4.0 75 Clearance drill for M3.5 & 4BA MF-DB-040 £1.50

Std Tap Drill for 2BA
Std Tap Drill for 3/16 BSF
4.1 75 Tap Drill for 10 UNF MF-DB-041 £1.56

4.2 75 Std Tap Drill for M5 MF-DB-042 £1.56

4.5 80 Clearance drill for M4 MF-DB-045 £1.68

Inc Clearance Tap Drill for M5
Std Tap Drill for 12UNC
Std Tap Drill for 1 BA
5.0 86 Std Tap Drill for M6 MF-DB-050 £1.92

5.1 86 Std Tap Drill for 1/4" UNC MF-DB-051 £2.34

Std Tap Drill for 1/4" BSW
5.25 86 Std Tap Drill for M6 x0.75 fine MF-DB-525 £3.78

5.3 86 Inc Clearance Tap Drill for M6 MF-DB-053 £2.52

Std Tap Drill for 1/4" BSF
5.5 93 Clearance drill for M5 & 2BA MF-DB-055 £2.58

Tap drill for Glow Plug (1/4"x32)
Tap drill for 1/4" UNF
5.8 101 5.8mm drill bit MF-DB-058 £2.88

6.0 101 6mm drill bit MF-DB-060 £2.46

6.5 101 Clearance drill for M6 MF-DB-065 £2.76

6.6 101 Tap drill for 5/16" UNC MF-DB-066 £3.54

6.8 101 Tap drill for 5/16" BSF & M8x1.25 (coarse pitch) MF-DB-068 £3.00

6.9 101 Tap drill for 5/16" UNF MF-DB-069 £3.54


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